Terms & Conditions

Our promise to you

To provide swimming lessons of the highest standard using progressive methodology to enable students to develop at their own individual pace.

To ensure that the programme is carried out by fully trained swimming instructors who will work both in and out of the water to provide both visual demonstration and manual manipulation to achieve the correct body position and work on correct stroke technique.

To provide, whenever necessary, a fully trained cover instructor in the event of absences of the regular instructor due to illness/holidays etc.

To assess students on a continual basis ensuring that they are not working at a level below or above their ability.

To progress through the STA awards scheme and keep records of skills and distance awards as supplied by the instructor.

To provide swimming lessons at pools which are regularly maintained by the pool’s owners for both water quality and temperature. We reserve the right to cancel lessons if we feel the water quality or temperature is not up to standard.

New swimmers are encouraged to enrol in Weekday Swim Ltd swimming courses at the start of the course or within two weeks of the beginning of term. If for any reason this is not possible Weekday Swim Ltd staff will use their professional discretion to determine whether to place a student into an already established class, avoiding minimum distruption to existing pupils in that class.

Your promise to us

Make full payment for lessons before the start of a course or on the first day of the new term. If there is any reason for a delay in payment of swimming fees, please contact a member of the Weekday Swim Ltd staff immediately to discuss.

Ensure that your child arrives to their lesson on time so as not to disrupt the class. Weekday Swim Ltd staff reserve the right to refuse entry to a child if they are continually late for their lesson as it is disruptive to the rest of the students.

Ensure that your child does not enter the pool area prior to their lesson and leaves once it has finished.

Inform Weekday Swim Ltd staff of any medical conditions or additional needs of the pupil at the time of booking,  or if any conditions develop during your time with us.

Ensure that if any medication is needed it is available and the child and /or parent/guardian is able to administer it.

Follow the rules and respect the wishes of the school or sports centre where the Weekday Swim Ltd lessons are held.

In the interest of all the swimmers, never wear outdoor footwear on the poolside.

Weekday Swim Ltd staff can only be responsible for children during their swimming lesson therefore it is the responsibility of the parent or guardian to remain on the premises for the duration of their child’s lessons.

Ensure Weekday Swim Ltd staff have the most recent contact details for parents and carers.


All swimmers to go to the toilet before the lesson commences.

Avoid eating substantial meals of any kind less than two hours prior to swimming.

Parents are not to assist the instructor in the teaching of the lesson in any way unless help is requested.

All swim hats, goggles should be in place and correctly fitted before lessons begin and long hair to be tied back for safety reasons. 
Loose jewellery must be removed.

Charges and Payment

Full payment for Weekday Swim Ltd swimming lessons must be made either prior to the beginning of a new term or on the first day of the new term. A deposit payment is required at the time of booking to secure your place.

Refunds and cancellation policy

Weekday Swim Ltd is unable to refund missed lessons due to school, work, social commitments, illness, transport difficulties or holidays, we will however endeavour to try to re-arrange a lesson if a space is available at another suitable time. This opportunity is a goodwill gesture and is not guaranteed.

If the operator or owner for any reason makes the pool unavailable to Weekday Swim Ltd, credit will be granted against further lessons if an alternative is not offered. If suitable alternative lessons are offered NO refunds or credits will be given.

If your regular instructor is absent, Weekday Swim Ltd will replace with a substitute instructor who will offer the same high standard on which our reputation relies upon. No refunds or credits will be offered if a replacement instructor is provided.

T & C's

You are automatically agreeing  to our terms and conditions by making a payment and/or attending our sessions.