"Silver!!! well done to him :-) please don't feel you have to push him any harder to get his Gold, if he can and does that's a different story, from day one when he started in xxxxx all those years ago, my 'thing' wasn't for him to be an Olympic swimmer but to be able to interact, be confident in water and if he swam, then that was a bonus. Your kindness, attitude, understanding, hard work and perseverance are eternally grateful and till this day now, I still tell the story of Hasan being 'thrown out' of xxxxx because the 2 parents complained about him and how YOU rescued him, (I've actually got tearful now) You and your wonderful staff have been amazing and have taught be there are some fantastic people out there willing to help a child to swim.....help ANY child swim! Thank you with all my heart"

 "Thank you so much for your time, care, attention & support you have given over the years. With your caring nature, knowledge and awareness of hes needs, you have helped him flourish in his confidence. We will miss you and your professional staff." (Turnford School)

"Thank you so much for teaching me how to swim." (Turnford School)

"Thank you for all your help, teaching and support. We have thoroughly enjoyed the lessons and can't believe that he finally achieved his Gold. We're looking forward to joining the lifesaving class to enable him to learn new skills." (St Ignatius School)